Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yup, Trump is a National Socialist

Last night's CNN Town Hall made one thing perfectly clear, Trump is a fan of big government.  When asked about the top 3 functions of the federal government he said they are security, education and healthcare. Soon afterwards he also included housing.  Can you think of a less conservative answer than that?  Why should the federal government be involved in education, healthcare or housing at all?  Later on he backtracked to say he wants things to go to the states but his knee jerk reaction was to answer the question pretty much in the same way that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would.   Earlier in the day he even attacked Scott Walker for not raising taxes in Wisconsin. It seems that on a lot of issues there is little to no difference between himself and the socialists in the race.  And given that he is also very clearly a nationalist, he is effectively a national socialist.  #NeverTrump is looking better all the time.

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