Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cain Really Needs to Run a Better Campaign

I've been on vacation for a few days so I've been a bit behind the news. So let's just say I was a little shocked when I saw this ad put out by the Cain campaign:

Now why exactly do we want an ad featuring some political hack chief of staff with a 70's mustache? And why exactly are we getting a closeup of him smoking his cigarette down to the nub? He seems to have all the dignity and class of your standard used car salesman.

This just reinforces the view that I am developing which is that Cain is someone who I probably agree with most of the time but he will probably be frightfully ineffective once in power. I keep hoping there will be a candidate that will keep me from having to vote for Romney but voting for Romney is looking far more likely with missteps like these. Cain needs to get a professional staff and fast!

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