Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There Is No Correlation Between Gun Ownership Rates and Homicide Rates Between States Either

In reaction to my previous post on international gun ownership rates and homicide rates, one of my liberal friends pointed me to a study that compared high gun ownership states to low gun ownership states and tried to conclude that guns were a factor.  The study used pretty old data from 1988-1997 and also didn't show much of the underlying data or analysis that they used to come to their conclusions.  They mentioned they used a proxy for gun ownership but then didn't provide the state by state level data to indicate what that proxy said.  Anyway, I decided to do my own correlation using this gun ownership data (the percent of the state's population that own's a gun) and correlate it with this state level homicide data.  What I found confirmed my original post, there is no correlation, unless you think an R squared of 0.008 is a sign of correlation:

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  1. I believe the statistics from Small Arms Survey (2007) in use often was only for private gun ownership, neglecting weapons like Swiss government militia firearms in citizens' own control.