Monday, March 4, 2013

Did Kerry Just Take $250 million in Aid from Israel and Give it to Egypt?

Earlier today, I wrote a post titled "As White House Warns of FBI Agents and Soldiers Being Laid Off Due to Sequester, Kerry Announces $250 million to Egypt".  One of my liberal lawyer friends pointed out that this isn't how sequester works and so money wouldn't move from Justice to State.  Which is true, though I don't really take Obama's threats of doom literally.  Heck, even the Washington Post found a couple of the recent threats involving janitors and teachers to be complete and utter fabrications (see here and here).  So I figured some of the more serious threats regarding FBI agents and troops are probably fabrications as well.  After all it wasn't enough to just claim that 750,000 people will lose their jobs, they had to be made more real for people to get upset about it by the politicos in the White House.

But my friend got me thinking, weren't there stories about Israel potentially losing foreign aid funding due to the sequester?  In fact there were.  Kerry himself warned of cuts to Israel's funding with the sequester just a few weeks ago.  The size of the cuts are unknown but could be between $250 million and $729 million.  What this means is that money that is potentially being cut out of the aid budget to the Jewish State is instead going to a government that more likely than not wants to wipe Israel off the map at some point in the future. Let's hope this was more hyperbole. 

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