Friday, April 19, 2013

Blaming the Tea Party for the Boston Marathon Bombing Never Made Sense

I find it funny that the knee jerk reaction of media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and NPR  was that the Boston Marathon bombing was the work of the Tea Party or "right wing extremists".  As if Tea Partiers are more likely than others to go crazy and start killing innocent people.  The theory really made no sense.  Why would someone who believed in the constitution and favored limited government bomb the Boston Marathon?  How is it representative of government largesse?  If the bombing had been of a Federal Building or an IRS or Welfare office, okay, I would have suspected a right winger as well.  But the target was full of 100% innocent people who have zero to do with what Tea Partiers are angry about.  Plus, as the effective birthplace of the American Revolution (and the original Tea Party), it really doesn't make sense for it to be a target.

It seemed to me to make a lot more sense for this to be the work of radical Islamists.  The Boston Marathon is an internationally recognized race and an attack on it would make headlines all across the globe.  Also, the pressure cooker bomb used was very similar to ones used in places like Pakistan for years.  And finally, radical Islamists have had a long history of targeting completely innocent civilians, even children because they feel justified in doing so.      Teens in line for a night club, families going out for pizza and people commuting to work have been targets in the past.  

Seriously, I think the main stream media is suffering from Teapartiphobia and it is really clouding their judgement.

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