Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Federal Government is Just 3 weeks Away from a Possible Government Shutdown and 5-8 Weeks Away From Completely Running Out of Cash

While the news cycle has been dominated by Syria and the full-court press by the White House to get people to sign on to his unbelievably small operation in Syria meant to make Assad eat his Cheerios with a fork (no word on whether Assad knows how to tip the bowl into his mouth), people have forgotten that we may have a government shutdown October 1 and we might run out of cash in late-October early November.

Congress needs to pass another continuing resolution to fund the government (God forbid they actually pass a budget) and then they need to vote again to raise the debt ceiling.  Check out this chart from the Bipartisan Policy Center which shows when the Federal Government will completely run out of cash:

Hopefully the GOP leadership keeps its spine and is able to squeeze out further discretionary spending cuts.

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