Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Iranians Have the Best of Both Worlds Right Now, They Are Diplomatically Shielded from Attack Yet They Can Work Overtime on their Nuclear Program

In all the hoopla about the "agreement" with Iran, people seem to have missed that there actually is no binding agreement in place right now, not until "technical negotiations take place".  So it seems to me that Iran has an incentive to make the progress in those negotiations as slow as possible. As of now they can continue spinning their centrifuges and enriching to weapons grade as much as they want, but are effectively shielded by that worthless piece of paper they have signed.  I can picture Netanyahu coming to the US and saying they Iran just crossed the red line and Obama and his minions telling him that Israel can't attack Iran after they signed an "agreement" on their nuclear program.  Can you imagine the incredible pressure Netanyahu will be put under to not attack even with iron-clad intelligence?  This is all just such a farce.  You could see Iran breakout before even the technical negotiations are done.  Then what?  What a disaster.

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