Sunday, February 21, 2016

How exactly is Rubio going to make this an American Century?

Rubio likes to have memorized speeches and taglines like saying he wants this to be a "new American century".  How exactly does he propose to do that?  By wasting our treasure on foreign adventures where we have no actual interest?  Why were we in Libya?  Why are we supposed to go to Syria again?  He seems to want boots on the ground everywhere so that we can waste billions and billions more.  Sounds like another road to ruin.

And you know his comprehensive immigration reform will never include a wall along our southern border, that means the invasion of the United States by people who don't share our values will continue.  We are being invaded by people from cruel, horrible countries and while I know most of the immigrants are good people, they can't help but bring some of that horribleness with them.  Respect for our civil rights will continue to go right out the window as these people vote for candidates that are more and more socialist.  Sanders is a kooky old professor and in many ways is considered a gentle socialist, but what happens when we go down the spectrum to Chavez?  We need to stop this invasion now, before it is too late. 

Rubio will leave the country more broke and with an even worse illegal immigration problem than before as his amnesty will be like a chow bell ringing across the Americas and beyond.  The Roman Empire accelerated its fall by letting hordes of non-Romans cross its borders as they fled the Huns.  These people change the character of the Roman Empire and eventually decided they wanted to take it over.  We can't afford to let Rubio be President and do the same thing to us.

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