Friday, February 26, 2016

I know this isn't the conventional wisdom, but Trump won last night

I know the media narrative is that Trump lost the debate and that Rubio clocked him, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The way you get at a candidate in a debate is by providing new information about them that people didn't know like when Christie illuminated how rehearsed Rubio is.  What did we learn about Trump that was new? There were 3 big attacks against Trump, that he employs illegal immigrants, that he doesn't know policy specifics and that there might be something in his tax returns.  I don't know how any of this surprises anybody.  Let's go down the list shall we?

First, that Trump employs illegal immigrants.  Rubio said to Google "Polish workers".  You find out that 35 years ago, one of Trump's contractors hired undocumented Polish workers in a building demolition.  The union sued because they felt they were cheated out of money since the Polish workers were non-Union and Trump eventually had to settle for some amount which may be at most $1 million.  Rubio mentioned the $1 million number as if that is a lot, but maybe he should rewatch Austin Powers, a million dollars isn't a lot of money these days.  For a billionaire, it's the equivalent of $100 for normal people.  Sure, you'd rather have that $100 but you'll survive.  How is this going to take Trump down? 

Rubio also said Trump was the only person who hired illegal immigrants.  Trump had a great retort that quickly shut that down by saying that he was the only person on that stage that has hired anybody.  Rubio had no real response to that because he's a looter who lives off of taxpayer dollars while Trump has employed tens of thousands of people.  And for the sake of argument, let's say this illegal immigrant hiring attack sticks, all it proves is that Trump likes to make money and so if he can hire someone for less for the same job as someone else, he will.  He's a businessman, I think we've known that.

Second, Trump doesn't know policy details.  Yup.  That's pretty obvious as he never has given very good details.  So when Trump kept repeating "lines around the states" with regards to healthcare reform, he sounded like he is not on top of things but nobody really cares.  Rubio seems to think we are trying to elect the best politician or policy wonk to be President.  No, people are looking for a leader.  Also, in terms of Trump's healthcare reform plan to allow competition across state lines, it's a good idea and if he repeals Obamacare and only replaces it with interstate competition, I and lots of conservatives will be very happy as we want it repealed and not necessarily replaced with anything. 

Third, there is something in the tax returns.  What do you think you'll find there?  A donation to the Nazi Party?  He is probably taking full advantage of the tax code to lower his taxes and probably has a low effective tax rate.  Wouldn't you expect that from someone who probably pays quite a lot of money to accountants?  

Ask yourself, considering Trump was able to win pro-military, pro-Bush South Carolina after blaming W for 9/11 and saying he should be impeached for lying about Iraq.  If that didn't take him down, how will anything that was said last night?

While the attacks on Trump were ineffective, he continued with his message that he will bring jobs back to America and was the only person on that stage who did so, which is why he won.  Not one person had a specific plan that anyone could wrap their arms around (the most they seem to ever say is that their tax plans will create jobs and leave it at that), instead they nitpick each others records, as if anyone cares outside of political junkie circles.  Do they not see the hundred or so polls which show that the economy and jobs are the most important issues for Americans?  What's wrong with them that they don't focus on those issues?  Many Americans are working crap service jobs with low pay and almost no benefits instead of working at skilled positions in the industrial sector.  Trump is saying he will reverse the flow of jobs out of this country by renegotiating the horrible trade deals that put us into this position in the first place and if he has to bully Mexico, he will bully Mexico.  He will use the full power of the United States to operate on behalf of the citizens of the United States and voters are confident that he will be successful in making their lives better.  Nobody else comes close to Trump in terms of focusing on improving the lives of ordinary Americans.

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