Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thoughts on the South Carolina Debate

I just finished watching the debate (I was only able to watch part of it last night) and I have to say that probably nobody actually won it.  In a normal election Trump would have blown himself up by blaming 9/11 on a Republican President who had just entered office, by defending Planned Parenthood and eminent domain abuse, but this isn't a normal election and most of his supporters are too stupid, ignorant and enamored by his celebrity to support someone else.  Anyway, here is how I think each candidate did.

Cruz:  I think he had a good debate, he had Rubio and Trump calling him a liar but much of that was due to minor campaign issues like the Carson thing and push-polling.  In my experience, whining over campaign actions doesn't usually accomplish much.  Cruz's answers tended to be thoughtful and he came across as someone who knew what he was talking about and believed in conservative values.

Rubio:  The media, especially Fox, is talking about how he had "his best debate yet".  I don't know about that.  I've seen a lot of debates and I'd say this one was par for the course for him.  Some nice rehearsed speeches but nothing to make you think he is ready for the office of President of the United States. 

JEB:  I hate to say this (because I don't want another Bush) but he keeps getting better.  He comes across as very reasonable, thoughtful and dare I say, Presidential.  I think I might actually prefer to have him as President over Marco Rubio.  This election might be getting to me but I am warming to him.

Kasich:  You can just see him allying with Democrats in Congress along with RINO Republicans to get things passed.  Enough said.

Trump:  Did he even say one conservative thing the entire debate?  He certainly said many liberal things like the blaming of W and the defending of Planned Parenthood

Carson:  He just needs to quit already.  He has no path to victory unless someone kills all the other candidates.  He isn't ready and his answers in debates are just such meaningless crap.  I'm waiting for him to say "can't we all just get along?"

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