Friday, January 29, 2016

Wow, I think JEB actually won the debate

Last night's debate was probably the weakest so far this year, no terribly memorable lines and no critical exchanges.  I guess having a fascist blowhard does make things more entertaining.  Anyway, here are my thoughts on how each of them did.

JEB:  He sounded the most Presidential out of all of them and importantly was able to put Marco Rubio in his place on immigration with a very quick retort, something he hasn't been unable to do in previous debates.  I don't know how much this will help him in Iowa, but this could help him get to #2 in New Hampshire, which would keep his campaign alive.

Rand Paul:  I thought he did particularly well, though some of that may be a psychological reaction to his cheering section in the hall.  Anyway, he made his case well and wasn't as annoying as usual.

Ted Cruz:  I thought the opening joke about Trump where he made a group insult to the people on the stage was great but then when he was fighting with the Fox moderators, it fell flat.  He needs to be the happy warrior not the angry one.  I think though he saved his performance with his answer on ethanol near the end which was probably the best answer I've heard on the issue from anyone.

Chris Christie:  I thought he had an okay debate though I was getting sick of him saying how Senators don't know how to run anything.  We get it.  Move on.  Also, when asked about "bridgegate" he said that three investigations proved that "I knew nothing".  Not exactly the best or most reassuring line to come out of a politicians mouth.  Given his weight, he could definitely fit into Sergeant Schultz's uniform and will be an easy Photoshop target.

Marco Rubio:  He was talking so fast in parts I thought he might have had either too much coffee or too many amphetamines.  Then he lost an exchange with JEB.  JEB! Certainly didn't have his mojo last night.  And I think he was overdoing the Jesus thing just like how he was previously overdoing the water jokes.

John Kasich:  Why is he still there?  It seems like his biggest resume item is that he helped balance the budget a generation ago.

Ben Carson:  He is now such an embarrassment.  You could tell he had trouble remembering the lines from the Constitution he was saying and was usually just talking nonsense.  I'm starting to question his medical credentials.

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