Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Choices Just Plain Suck

This is such a difficult election to live through.  There are really no good choices at all.  I know I said I would vote for Donald Trump but I am not so sure anymore.  How can I vote for someone who:

  • Seems to be pro-Putin and anti-NATO.  I'm from Moscow so I am very, very anti-Putin or any dictator running that country.  I want freedom for my family members that are still there.  If you want to get a sense of how bad Putin is, just read Garry Kasparovs' Winter is Coming or the older Putin's Russia by Anna Politkovskaya (who was gunned down in her apartment building either on the order of Putin directly or his henchmen).  Also, how can I not be in favor of us defending Ukraine against Russian/neo-Soviet aggression?  Or the Baltics?  It's just the right thing to do.
  • Wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure to help create jobs.  As if this wasn't tried before by Obama and failed miserably.  Do we really want to spend $1.3 million per job again?  Trump's economic ideas are as dumb and unimaginative as a liberal Democrat's.  
  • Supports some sort of childcare entitlement.  Seriously, where are we supposed to get the money?  
  • He'll probably end up raising taxes.
  • Favors single payer healthcare.
Then of course there is Hillary, who:

  • Is unimaginably corrupt
  • Likes invading countries for no reason, like Libya.  Then abandoned our troops at Benghazi.
  • Is even more for big government than Trump.
  • Doesn't seem to believe that the US has the right to a border.

Even the Libertarian Party, my go-to party in Nixon/McGovern type elections is moving to the big government end of the spectrum.  Gary Johnson thinks that Jewish bakers should be forced to make Nazi wedding cakes if the Nazi wants them to and Bill Weld is a big government, liberal Republican.

Our choices this election are depressingly bad.

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