Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mitch Daniels Isn't Running

Okay so I was a bit shocked by this one, as all the buzz seemed to point to him running.  I wasn't 100% sure that I would have supported him in the primaries, but he did get a "B" from the Cato Institute in their Fiscal Policy Report Card and he actually does sound like he tries to be libertarian.  The only downside I saw was that he was a bit too much in the Dick Lugar camp on foreign policy, which I have never been a fan of.  Oh well, looks like Tim Pawlenty is my guy.  He got an "A" from Cato and seems to be saying all the right things.  The only dig I can make against him is that he doesn't seem comfortable in his own skin, hopefully that changes in time for 2012.  I really don't think that Paul Ryan or Chris Christie are running as I think both need more administrative experience under their belt first.

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