Monday, April 9, 2012

A Hate Crime Against Jewish Students at Florida Atlantic University

Over 200 Jewish students had eviction notices posted on their doors, with the county seal and everything.  No, the perpetrators weren't neo-nazis or "white hispanics", but members of Students for Justice in Palestine.  It's one thing to hold a protest, it's another thing to single out Jewish students and target them individually by posting a Judenrein notice on their door.  They are basically saying "we know who you are and we know where you live."  And it's not like pro-Palestinian groups are known for non-violence. Any reasonable person would probably fear for their safety after receiving such a notice by this group. I'm sure some people will react "who cares about a little piece of paper? they were just making a statement"  My answer to that is "what would your reaction be if 200 black students saw a noose made out of string outside of their doors?"  If that happened, there would probably be a national call for the expulsion of the perpetrators and Obama would probably make a statement about it.  There shouldn't be any less outrage in this case and all the members of the Students for Justice in Palestine who were responsible for this should be expelled.

I'm not a fan of hate crime laws, but if we are going to have them, they need to be enforced equally for all groups.

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  1. I volunteer to Feng Shui the Islamonazi's dorm-room door with fresh Bacon. Who's with me?