Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Obama on Iran's Side?

Remember those talks between Western officials and Iran which were finally supposed to put Iran's feet to the fire and avert a military confrontation over their nuclear program?  The talks convened for just 1 day and then broke off for a whole 5 weeks (the officials will meet again in Baghdad on May 23).  That's 5 weeks where Iran gets even more time to move their nuclear program into underground bunkers as well as actually make more tangible progress with it.  How does this make sense?  It only makes sense if the only purpose of these talks are to sabotage Israeli attempts to destroy Iran's nuclear program.  The thinking is that Israel won't attack if we are still "in the middle" of talks, even if the talks are the diplomatic equivalent of a Potemkin village.  Between this and leaks of secret Israeli agreements by administration officials, you just have to wonder which side is this administration on?  Unfortunately the answer is, it's probably on Iran's.

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