Friday, June 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren is Looney Tunes, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and a Nutbag

According to the NIH, the definition of psychosis is:

A loss of contact with reality, usually including false beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations).

It seems Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senate hopeful in Massachusetts, falls within that definition.  Despite the fact that Cherokees keep excellent records and there is absolutely zero physical evidence that Warren has a Cherokee ancestor (one genealogist has gone back 188 years in Warren's tree without finding a single Cherokee), Warren continues to cling to her narrative that somehow her family has Cherokee roots.  Here is her latest:

"In the 1930s, when my parents got married, these were hard issues,'' Warren said. "My father's family so objected to my mother's Native American heritage that my mother told me they had to elope.
"As kids, my brothers and I knew about that. We knew about the differences between our two families. And we knew how important my mother's heritage was to her. This was real in my life. I can't deny my heritage. I can't and I won't. That would be denying who my mother was, who my family was, how we lived, and I won't do it.''

Let me get this straight, her mother was discriminated against because she was 1/16th Cherokee???  How could they tell?  Her high cheekbones?  I find that extremely hard to believe and so should any other sane person. I'm 1/8th German and I don't remember anyone ever telling me that I looked or behaved even remotely German. Anyway, it took people about two seconds to find her parents' marriage certificate and it seems her parents went to a local church (only 14 miles from home) to get married.  While not definitive proof, I would think if you were eloping you would go a little bit farther away so your parents can't stop the wedding.

All Elizabeth Warren had to do was say, oh I didn't realize there wasn't any proof I was 1/32nd Cherokee, I guess I should never have been filling out all those forms wrong.  It was family lore and I just never questioned it, I apologize for the error on my part.  That's it, end of story.  But noooooooooo, she triples down on it and tries or portray herself as a proud Cherokee, despite real Cherokees protesting her at the state convention.  There are really only two options here.  She is a psychotic, cuckoo for cocoa puffs nutbag candidate who continues to cling to false beliefs despite a mountain of evidence that they are false.  Or she is just such a pathological liar that she thinks she can lie her way out of anything by making up another story.  There seems to be evidence of both but what is important is that Massachusetts voters realize they don't want either person representing them in the Senate.

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