Thursday, January 17, 2013

Morsi: My Statements Saying Jews Are Descended from Apes and Pigs Were "Taken Out of Context"

What an unbelievable joke:

In the video, Morsi refers to "Zionists" as "bloodsuckers who attack Palestinians" as well as "the descendants of apes and pigs." He says Egyptians should nurse their children on "hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews. They must be breast-fed hatred." He also calls President Barack Obama a liar.

Morsi, who came to office in June, told the visiting U.S. delegation on Wednesday that the remarks were taken out of context, aimed at criticizing Israeli policies, and not Jews, according to presidential spokesman Yasser Ali.

Morsi told them distinction must be made between criticism of what he called the "racist" policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians and insults against the Jewish faith.

Morsi also told them the remarks were part of a speech against Israeli aggression in Gaza and "assured them of his respect for monotheistic religions, freedom of belief and the practice of religions," Ali said.

So he wasn't insulting the Jewish faith when he said Jews were descended from Apes and Pigs?  How about when he said:

They have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout history. They are hostile by nature.

Since Zionism is a relatively recent phenomenon, who is he referring to "fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout history" if not Jews?  Who is "hostile by nature"?  Out of context my a**.  What about when he prayed for the destruction of the Jews and their supporters, was that "out of context"? He is just a neo-nazi who is now head of a giant Islamic nation in the Middle East.  The worst part is, Senators McCain and Graham seem to be believing his garbage and are in favor of sending hard earned taxpayer money over there:

U.S. Sen. John McCain said a congressional delegation he led that met with Morsi expressed to him their "strong disapproval" about his 2010 comments. The delegation and Morsi had a "constructive discussion" about the remarks, he told reporters.

Still, despite calls by some in Washington to rein in aid to Egypt's Islamist-led government, McCain said the delegation will press in Congress for approval of some $480 million in new assistance to Cairo.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, also in the delegation, warned that "the Egyptian economy is going to collapse if something is not done quickly." He urged Morsi to finalize a repeatedly delayed deal with the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8 billion loan.

And what would be so bad to have the Egyptian economy collapse?  At least then they wouldn't be in a position to invade Israel (with American M1A1 tanks and F-16's), as they would have their own problems.  What's the worst that could happen after an Egyptian economic collapse?  They vote in a radical islamist government that is hostile to Israel and the Jews?  How exactly would we tell the difference from the current one? As soon as Egypt stabilizes watch for them to start making noise on Israel's southern border by massing troops there and overtly aiding Hamas.  Once again, McCain and Graham have things completely wrong.

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