Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Marines at our Cairo Embassy Were Unarmed

More criminal negligence coming from the Obama administration.  It seems that the US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson did not allow the US Marines who had been charged with guarding the Embassy compound in Cairo to actually carry any live ammunition.  The only reason I can think of for this is that the Ambassador was afraid that armed Marines might "cause an incident" despite the fact that an incident was already caused by the marauding hordes violating international law by invading our embassy compound and by the Egyptian government not defending our compound as they are legally bound to do.  This also speaks volumes of how little the folks at the State Department think of our Armed Forces personnel.  All you have to say is "don't fire unless there is an imminent danger to our lives" and a Marine will follow those orders.  You don't have to take away their ammunition and leave everyone defenseless if the worst case comes to pass (as it did in Libya).


  1. If this is true, Patterson needs to be recalled to Washington and fired immediately.

    1. It is completely untrue. Snopes and other rumor sites have published the facts. No restrictions on weapons or weapons status. This is neocon imbecile nonsense to try and make the administration look bad. It's all the Romney idiot brigade have

    2. Its not all we have, it was confirmed that neither the Benghazi nor the Tripoli missions had any marines guarding them at all, which is criminal given the recent anti-diplomat violence over the last few months.