Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quite a Few DNC Delegates Want to Cap or Ban Corporate Profits Completely


  1. This is pretty darn funny. Do you think it's just possible, though, that he didn't include clips of the folks who said,"Don't be silly," or "Of course banning profits is absurd, but we could impose higher marginal tax rates on certain profits," or "I would certainly support ending tax breaks and subsidies for oil companies who are showing billion dollar profits."? This sort of comedy is great, but it has no meaning. Don't forget the more than 80% of Fox News watchers who believed Saddam had a role in 9?11, or Bill Kristol saying,"The government can provide excellent health care, but Americans don't deserve it." I'm sure you find Michael Moore's films unfair. I do too, even though I agree with his basic points. Let's keep perspective.
    Cheers, Sasha

  2. Of course he cut out some but its still funny. On Saddam, if you ask "did he have a role in 9/11" that is amorphous enough for many to say yes as he has a history of supporting terrorism. Its all about the wording. I dont think 80% (or 48% which is the number I have seen) think he planned and executed 9/11 which is a different question. And Kristol said that in relation to a question about the military health system.

  3. Exactly. You can see that half of these folks are caught off guard and not thinking. Kristol was caught off guard and got twisted into an impossible position. Of course he's meant to be an intellectual voice for conservatives, one who has thought seriously about thses issues and is ready to discuss them. These are just folks at a convention.

    I still think this video is funny, but not as funny as Ryan criticizing Obama for a policy Ryan advocates, or Romney arguing that we musn't cut military spending because it stimulates the economy. Nothing, of course, will ever be as funny as the 2008 "Keep your government hands off my medicare," and there are still many people whose lives depend almost entirely on government programs but vote "to get the government off the backs of the people." There's plenty of grim humor in that.