Friday, September 7, 2012

16 Trillion Reasons to Vote Obama Out

A simple yet effective video:

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  1. It was an absurd, maybe even immoral thing for Obama to make such a pledge. It might have been, if not reasonable, at least understandable, to make it before the financial crash, but not afterward. But what are Romney andRyan going to do? Cutting spending in a recession, we have known for 80 years, lowers GDP and therefore tax revenues. Cutting taxes for the rich when there are no investment opportunities will increase the deficit still more certainly. Is their refusal to say what loopholes they would close and miraculously balance the budget somehow more honest than Obama's absurd pledge?
    If you are serious, you will have to admit at some point that the Republican platform is essentailly doubling down on what created this deficit in the first place. Ryan's budget is more about cutting things he's philosophically opposed to than it is about the deficit. If you're also philosophically opposed to those things, vote for Romney by all means. But stop the silly pretence that you think their program is going to fix the deficit. That's a smoke screen for a social engineering agenda, not an economic program.