Let's just look at the history of the US with regards to nuclear proliferation.  The US was concerned about the Iraqi Osirak nuclear facility in the early 1980's but did nothing about them and even condemned Israel when they did something (though Dick Cheney did thank the Israeli's for doing so 10 years later during the first Gulf War).  Then what about the Syrian nuclear facility?  After a lot of back and forth being Israel and the George W. Bush administration, Israel bombed it as they couldn't wait any longer for the Bush administration to get on board.  In North Korea, there are reports that Clinton was ready to go to war to destroy their nuclear facilities but then agreed to a deal at the last moment.  A deal that North Korea clearly broke as they now have nuclear weapons.  The US also did nothing to prevent Pakistan or India from crossing the nuclear threshold.  Time after time, the US has done nothing to prevent nuclear proliferation when push came to shove.

Israel and the Jews are on their own again and need to act accordingly.