Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jordan May Be the Next to Fall to Islamists

Mass protests are currently scheduled by the Muslim Brotherhood for October 10 for Jordan, which is estimated to be 70% Palestinian and could easily turn from a friend of Israel to a vicious enemy.  If the Muslim Brotherhood is able to overthrow the Hashemites currently in charge and put their own people in charge, then, once again, Israel will be completely surrounded by enemies, and more importantly, enemies with standing armies:

Al-Hayat received a copy of an internal memorandum that the Brotherhood distributed to its managerial staff in the provinces. This memorandum seeks to mobilize opposition demonstrations at the beginning of next month, asserting that the number of participants will exceed 50,000.

The four page memorandum includes a call to the Brotherhood managerial staff to meet on a daily basis to "make sure that the plan aiming at successfully mobilizing the protests — which are scheduled for Oct. 10 —  is implemented." 

The memorandum stated: "Each member is asked to have a road map for mobilizing masses within the remaining time. All members, including those who are sick even and will be transported by vehicles, are expected to participate."

It continued: "Every member of the Brotherhood must be dedicated to communicate with his relatives, close friends, acquaintances, fellow employees and various Islamic groups and patriots who are eager to preserve the nation."

The memorandum also called for the formation of hotbeds to communicate with civil society activists and leaders and focus on the participation of groups affiliated with universities, schools and women's organizations.

The note includes a call addressed to the Brotherhood managerial staff and supporters to step out of their vehicles on the demonstration day, protest in the streets and not to return to their houses if security forces prevent them from reaching the central demonstration points, which will be located in the center of Amman.

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