Sunday, November 22, 2015

I really don't get why people think Trump is electable

This is from the latest ABC News/Washington Post national poll:

Seriously, do 38% of GOP voters have brain tumors?  How can they view Trump as the one with the best chance of winning?  He knows almost nothing about the issues and offends great swaths of the population. 


  1. uhmmm. Because polls change?

  2. The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength by the mass of numbers and their dead weight. (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf)

  3. Trump knows as much about the issues as any of the politicians. They spend most of their time eating at fundraisers & making speeches. Trump is also a serious reader, so a man with his intelligence can learn the issues. He is much smarter than Palin. Trump doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, he has raised classy kids who have never been in trouble, and he loves America! Don't let his NYC accent fool you. He's not a truck driver, he's a billionaire who has been more successful than his father. Not many rich kids do that. If your friends were all given $1 million, would they still be millionaires 10 years from now? Some people are dumb and blow it. Not all homeless people are crazy. Some make bad decisions. Trump isn't the only candidate non Republicans will listen to. I voted for Bush, Obama, Obama in the last 3 elections. I feel like I did in the final years of Bush, but at least I know Bush, for as dim witted as he could sound at times, he always wanted the USA to be #1. Obama deceived many good Americans who are now seeing the light. I thought Trump was a rich jerk until I met him in July in Beverly Hills. The big secret celebrities don't want to tell you about Trump? When you're around him, it's hard not to like him. He's authentic. He's actually a nice guy until you F with him. But we're all on the same team with Trump if we love America. He's like a smarter George W. We all know Barbara & H.W. wanted Jeb instead of George to be President. Sorry about the rant...

    Trump is not racist. I've seen him when the cameras are off. Great guy! Acts like a leader. Bernie Sanders is a bigger jerk than Trump.

    Bottom line...not one honest American can tell you they wouldn't want their kids to grow up to be successful like Trump. If more kids in America acted like his kids, we would be better off. The only problem with Trump? His words may or may not offend people. We MUST stand up for the 1st amendment or Hillary will take that and the 2nd if we let her. She is the Meryl Streep of politics. Liberals are nervous because they know the Clinton's have a dirty past. Do you think college kids today know who Paula Jones is? I bet they don't even know who Lewinsky is because they've got Kardashian distracting them. The media won't report anything that will damage Hillary, so we must educate all the American voters under 30 using the power of social media. Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman. She is NOT Bachmann. But that does not mean Clinton is above lying. Clinton and Ted Cruz are very skilled at selling BS as truth. We need to expose who Hillary really is. Remember, Al Gore didn't want Bill on the campaign trail in 2000. The media has done a great job repairing the Clinton image. If Obama can beat her, so can Trump. Trump isn't afraid like most politicians.