Thursday, June 30, 2011

A 95 Year old Leukemia Patient Needs to Be Strip Searched but a Nigerian without Valid ID or a Valid Boarding Pass Breezes Through?

This is just crazy.  I think we all remember the story of the 95 year old leukemia patient that was violated by the TSA and forced to change her adult diaper before boarding the plane.  What makes this even more infuriating is that there was a security breach where a Nigerian, without a passport or other form of identification, was able to board a plane with an expired boarding pass.  The TSA of course says he was "screened".  But what exactly does that mean?  Isn't it a part of screening to check ID's, boarding passes and make sure passengers aren't on no-fly lists?  Whenever I am about to get on a plane I have to have ID and a boarding pass and show it to the TSA agent before even getting into the security line.  Why was he not required to do that?  And then I am also sure that he probably wasn't patted down by the TSA as it seems they like to focus on people that won't scream "profiling" like grannies, toddlers and travelers with special needs going to Disney World.  It's just ridiculous.  Have they forgotten that the whole point of the TSA is to make us SAFER?  Enough with these completely random searches, it's time to focus on people who have greater than a 1 in a billion chance of being a terrorist.

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