Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama the Corrupt

I realize that all politicians are corrupt at some level, they all have done favors for donors that may not be completely in the public interest.  What makes Obama so much worse than the rest is the scale of the corruption.  I've never been a fan of Obama, that is not a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I still found this article at Politico shocking.  Obama has put 200 of his biggest donors into government positions and advisory posts, that is as much as W put into government positions in his entire 8 year stretch.  Something else that was extremely troubling was that 80% of those bundling $500,000 or more (a bundler is someone who pools funds from many different donors) ended up in "key administration posts" including 12 ambassadorships (24 bundlers total became ambassadors).  It is blatantly obvious that this administration is more for sale than any other in recent memory.  The article mentions that Level 3 Communications, which had a Chairman bundle $100,000, a Vice Chairman bundle $50,000 and a VP bundle $500,000 received stimulus grants of $13.8 million.  A lot of the rest of the stimulus seemed to be spent on other Obama supporters, government employees and unions.  Could this be why the stimulus failed as badly as they did because projects weren't chosen by their value to the economy but by the pull of the people involved with them?

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