Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama Really Didn't Do a Good Job With the Debt Ceiling

Not to kick a guy when he's down but check out Jon Stewart completely mock Obama with regards to the debt ceiling. This is especially bad for Obama as Stewart is a natural ally and would probably rather mock the GOP:

Then there is this story (which is a must read) from The Hill. Apparently, Obama was so pissed off by Boehner asking for air time after his televised address that he purposely torpedoed a conference call Boehner was supposed to have with Reid and Pelosi (so much for bringing people together, I guess you first have to swear allegiance to King Obama first and don't dare to try to have equal footing with him). Later that same day, Democrats and Republicans told Obama to leave the room (at the White House!) so they could negotiate.

I guess even Democrats now know he is a two-faced, whiny, self-centered, self-interested, petulant putz.

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