Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does The Left Have Any Stimulus Ideas That Don't Involve Construction?

Jared Bernstein, former chief economist to gaffe-a-minute Joe Biden, wrote a piece today in the New Republic titled "Obama's Got Plenty of Options to Right the Economy."  Unfortunately, anyone reading this piece would come away with just one idea for stimulating the economy (beyond general references to more stimulus):

He should roll out a campaign for a national infrastructure program to repair, retrofit, and modernize the nation's public schools called FAST!—Fix America's Schools Today. It's got important advantages over the president's infrastructure bank idea; it's highly visible, can be stood up faster, and it's more labor intensive, too.

Really? Maintenance projects on schools?  Is that the best you can do?  Given it is already almost September, unless you want to close down schools for the sake of the construction, or give the kids hazmat suits to wear to class, you pretty much have to wait to do any of this until next summer.  Also, what is with the construction projects?  Does the left have any stimulus ideas that don't involve lining the pockets of their union supporters? 

You know what would be a great and cost free stimulus for the economy?  Rescind all those regulations from Obamacare and the EPA that are forcing the closure of coal plants, oil rigs to literally float away, and healthcare premiums to skyrocket (as they did in my company this year).   All those are directly having a negative impact on both investment and new hiring and can be done away with at the stroke of a pen.

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