Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Shocked the Savage Child Killer in Toulouse Turns Out to be a Radical Muslim. Okay, Not Really.

I thought it was amazing when just about all the press reports I read were saying that the killer of 3 small Jewish children and one adult in Toulouse was a neo-nazi. How would they have known so quickly given they didn't have a description of the killer? It just seemed like a politically correct story line in order to limit any backlash against muslims. What really made me doubt the story was when I read that the killer shot little Miriam Monsonego point blank in the head. Actually, that description doesn't do justice to his actions, here is what witnesses say he did:

He entered the school and grabbed Miriam Monsonego (8) as she was running. He grabbed her hair and fired at her body. As she bled out and slumped to the floor, he listed her head and fired two shots at her head from point blank range to make certain his Jewish victim would not survive.

And here is a picture of that poor little girl:

Other than radical muslims, who else these days hates Jews so much that they would shoot a sweet little blonde girl like that at point blank range? Remember the brutal Itamar massacre where radical islamists murdered a family including a 3 month old infant (who was stabbed to death)?

But I guess, in a way, the original press reports were correct. The real successors to the Nazis aren't white trash who do too much meth and pretend to be in the SS, but murderous radical islamists who want nothing more than the extermination of the Jews.

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