Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Total Gross Cost for Obamacare Now $1.759 TRILLION from 2013-2022

Take a look at the CBO's recent estimates for Obamacare costs.  The total cost estimate of Obamacare's coverage provisions is now $1.759 Trillion over 10 years, which obviously has to be paid for somehow.  This is a great reminder of how disastrous Obamacare is from a fiscal perspective.  I just don't see how you could possibly find the money to actually cover all of that spending.  Also, how does it make sense to implement such a monstrosity when our budget is bad enough as it is.  As Margaret Thatcher said "Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them".  Looks like that day is approaching.

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