Monday, November 12, 2012

Funny How Hamas Starts a New Offensive Against Israel Right After Obama Wins Re-Election

In case you missed it, since Saturday 160 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel for little to no reason.  Sometimes they things happen after Israel assassinates a terrorist leader on his way to kill Israelis, some rockets are fired but then everything just kind of dies down as even Hamas knows its not in their interest to face the full brunt of Israeli military strength..  Now, Hamas is not only firing rockets into Israel, they have officially said they have no interest in a ceasefire.

The only thing I can think of is that Hamas is emboldened by the fact that Obama just won re-election and will no longer be dependent on Jewish money for his campaign or Jewish votes in Florida.  They clearly view him as a natural ally who sympathizes with the goals of Hamas, with only political realities leading him to be even partially pro-Israel.  This attack, which probably isn't THE big one, is possibly meant as a probe to see if Obama's actions are any different than before.

On a related note, I'm struck by how the world governments only start denouncing Palestinian terrorist rocket fire once the Israelis start talking about doing something about it. EU representative Catherine Ashton called on both sides to refrain from "exacerbating the situation".  The French foreign ministry also asked for both sides to exercise "great restraint to avoid escalating the situation". I'm sorry, so Israel shouldn't do anything to defend itself because it could exacerbate things?  Hamas is clearly the aggressor in this attack and yet it is Israel who should restrain itself?  The situation right now is that Hamas is launching dozens of rockets against civilian populated areas with almost zero response from Israel.  I guess Europe wants to keep it that way.  Jews should just walk quietly into the ovens and not make a mess for the Europeans.

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