Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bibi Needs to Answer for Prisoner X

I've kind of been ignoring this story for a bit, at first I actually thought that a Mossad spy died in an Australian prison.  But now that I've started reading up about Prisoner X, I feel nothing but shock and revulsion.  It appears that an Israeli citizen (and father of two) who apparently was working for the Mossad was kept in solitary confinement in a prison cell meant for the assassins of Prime Ministers and was never allowed to see a lawyer (his guards never even knew his name).  He supposedly "committed suicide" in 2010 despite the fact that he was constantly under surveillance, including monitoring of his heartbeat. To lockup a Jew who was working for the Jewish State in the Jewish State like this and then possibly murder him, it just boggles the mind.  Was he a double agent for the Australians?  Was he involved in something embarrassing and was threatening to go public?  I don't really know anything that would have justified an Israeli citizen's imprisonment like this, especially without any sort of oversight. Is any Israeli citizen safe when they treat one of their own like this?  Is any agent of the Mossad?

Bibi must have known about this and given the okay.  He needs to come out and explain himself, especially given he is trying to build a coalition right now, and the Prisoner X scandal could give his potential coalition partners an excuse not to join a government with him (though the Jewish Home has already rejected his offer and Yesh Atid doesn't sound terribly close either).  Israeli government censorship of this story is so great right now that journalists aren't even allowed to mention that they have a gag order on this story.  But in the time of the Internet with most of the country on Facebook and Twitter, that censorship is powerless to stop the story and the outrage from spreading.  This story could be a real threat to Bibi if he doesn't come clean.  Also, it's hard to claim you are a "western-style" democracy when you make your own citizens (and government employees) simply disappear without a trace.  I really hope it's all fake.

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