Monday, June 10, 2013

An Immigration Reform Bill Lexicon

Mickey Kaus has a handy guide which defines some of the terms in the Schumer-Rubio reform plan, and yes all promises of "border security" are fraudulent.  Here are some of my favorites:

"Multiple triggers"- Legalization is immediate. DHS just has to write border "plan."  The most any "triggers" can possibly do is delay green cards and citizenship.

"90 % effectiveness"- If not reached, triggers only toothless commission

"Pay back taxes"- Only if already "assessed" by IRS (unlikely). Newly legalized may instead get refunds.

"Learn English"- Only need to sign up for English class.

"Clean record"- Allows two free misdemeanors. Additional misdemeanors (including assaults) can be waived by DHS.

No "public charge." Must earn 125% of poverty line - They're going to deport people who earn only 124% or less? Ha.

"Pay a fine"- Can be waived by DHS

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