Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Turkish Police Are So Cruel They Just Water Cannon-ed a Guy in a Wheelchair

It's interesting how uninterested our administration is in what is going on in Turkey right now.  Namely the protests against Obama's "best friend in the Middle East", Turkish PM Erdogan.  Even behind closed doors there doesn't seem to be any recrimination.  Here are comments from yesterday's State Department briefing:

QUESTION: Do you have an update on Turkey, on the protests in Turkey?
MS. PSAKI: Did you have a specific question about it, or --
QUESTION: About your dialogue with Turkish Government maybe, because the Prime Minister --
MS. PSAKI: Well, the Secretary did speak again with the Foreign Minister this weekend, but it was mainly focused on Syria. Of course, we remain focused on calling for calm and calling on all sides to make sure that they don’t escalate the rhetoric and that – refrain – that all sides refrain from violence. So that’s where our focus remains.

Jeez, how weak.  Calm on both sides?  Don't escalate the rhetoric?  So far 5 have died and 4,200 have been injured.  The Turkish police have even resorted to water-cannoning the disabled (click-through to see a video):

Now imagine if this were happening in Jerusalem? My guess is the State Department wouldn't be so neutral about it, nor would Kerry & Obama be so quiet.

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