Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Map of What Israel Would Look Like Post Land Swaps with the Palestinians Shows Why the Talks with Fail

I posted this chart back in 2011, it is a map of the Judea and Samaria with the pieces of land that will remain Israel in gold and those parts of Israel given to the Palestinians in red.  See any problems?:

As I wrote before I have two major problems with this map:
  1. It does nothing to change the fact that Israel is 9 miles wide at its narrowest.  Downtown Tel Aviv will still be seen from the hills of Palestine and could easily be targeted by missiles and rockets (with little to no warning given to civilians before they hit).  Nobody can live like this.
  2. Those rivulets of Israeli territory carved out of the West Bank are a disaster waiting to happen.  Terrorists from Hamas or the PFLP or Islamic Jihad could take pot shots at settlers all day every day.  And if there were ever a conflict between Israel and Palestine (which is probably likely, especially if Hamas stays in or runs the government), those armed gangs could easily cut off those settlements from the rest of Israel.  If you thought a territory 9 miles wide was not defensible, how about 1 km wide (or less).  You could easily have a bloodbath/massacre on your hands which will make Itamar look like youthful vandalism by comparison.

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