Monday, July 1, 2013

Egyptian Military Sends Morsi Ultimatum

While I have little faith that anyone who replaces Morsi will be pro-Israel or even not inflicted with blind hatred of the Jewish state, I am enjoying what I am seeing coming out of Egypt.  The latest is an ultimatum from the Egyptian military for Morsi to share power with the opposition in 48 hours or else they will provide a "roadmap".  Of course Obama is nowhere to be found.  I seem to remember this administration being much more vocal (and ready to give a bit of a push) when it was one of our long-term allies in trouble.  When Morsi, who has a well documented hatred of our closest ally in the region Israel, is in trouble?  Crickets.  Maybe they feel bound by the fact that Morsi was democratically elected?  So was Hitler.  Democracy isn't everything.

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