Friday, July 5, 2013

Does John Kerry Know He is the Head of the State Department?

Maybe I've seen too many movies but I always thought Secretaries of State should be laboring away in their offices during times of crisis, like when a major ally has a military coup and there is fighting in the streets.  John Kerry doesn't seem to think so apparently.  He has spent time on Wednesday (during the coup itself) and Thursday on his yacht with pictures to prove it:

Seriously.  What an entitled prick.  He probably views his appointment as something he "deserves" for years of service with the ultimate goal to be something to finish off his memoirs with, not as a job to actually do.  One could argue the coup is "done" but today's demonstrations and violence would pretty much fly in the face of that.  Also, didn't Obama essentially put Egypt on notice in his statement on the coup that the US might cut off aid?  Wouldn't a good Secretary of State be there to talk things over with the Egyptians and unruffle any feathers? I guess spending time on his yacht is more important to him.

Thank G-d he lost in 2004 (I just wish he lost to a better Republican).

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