Monday, July 22, 2013

When the NAACP was okay with an unarmed teen being killed

Jonah Goldberg points out that race baiters like Sharpton and the NAACP were not always upset about unarmed teens being killed or were clammering for justice to be served. Back in 2006, an unarmed White teen, Daniel Cicciaro was killed by John White:

A drunken Cicciaro was killed at the foot of White's driveway after he went to the home with four friends late at night, bent on fighting Aaron White [son of the defendant] over a bogus rape threat, police said.

They yelled racial slurs and threatened to rape Aaron White's mother, according to cops.

White testified he grew up in Brooklyn hearing stories about how the Ku Klux Klan torched his grandfather's business in Alabama. He said wanted to scare the mob away and that his gun accidentally went off when Cicciaro lunged at him.

Prosecutors said that instead of calling the cops, White went out to confront the teens and shot Cicciaro in the face from three inches away.

So here is a case where the defendant admitted that he racially profiled the victim and did not even bother to call the police (unlike Zimmerman), I'm sure the NAACP was screaming at the top of their lungs for justice to be served and White to be punished severely.  Well not really, they actually were seeking a full pardon from Governor David Patterson and eventually did receive it.  

Now imagine the uproar if a Zimmerman was found guilty and then a white Governor pardoned him?  There would be riots.

And to Obama, who said that things would have been different if Travyon was white, I call b___ s___.


  1. Jonah Goldberg, in one of his worst moments, left out key facts of this case.

    Daniel Cicciaro and his 3 friends - that is right 4 guys - chased Aaron White - son of John White - home, wanting to assault him. When they arrived at John White's home, they continued to make threats against Aaron White and also made rape threats against John White's wife. Also, the claim that Cicciaro was unarmed is a lie. Cicciaro was in fact armed with a baseball bat, which can most certainly be used to break down a door.

    John White went out to confront Cicciaro and demanded that he leave White's property and stop making threats against his son and his wife. Cicciaro - because he was drunk at the time (despite being legally too young to drink) - instead of retreating, knocked the gun away, at which point John White shot him.

    These facts are not beyond dispute. The only reason why John White was even charged, let alone convicted, is because New York's gun control laws make it virtually impossible for even a law-abiding man such as White to legally own a handgun. Because White's handgun was illegal, it also made it illegal for him to use his handgun to defend himself.

    Again, it was one man against 4 angry violent drunken teenagers, one of whom was armed with a baseball bat, who when confronted and demanded to leave chose not to, but instead made a move at the very gun that was the only thing standing between this husband and father and 4 men who had already made threats against his son and wife.

    Goldberg really ought to be ashamed of correlating this case with the Zimmerman case, even if his goal was to indict Sharpton with hypocrisy. He lied about there being 4 guys instead of 1, and he particularly lied when he falsely claimed that the deceased was unarmed. Not only is a baseball bat a weapon, but a DEADLY weapon.

  2. From what I read about the case the bat was in the car and the deceased wasn't holding it.