Saturday, August 10, 2013

Further Proof Peace with the Palestinians Isn't Possible

Watch a convicted terrorist describe the glee that she and her fellow Palestinian busriders felt when hearing the death toll from the brutal Sbarro bombing (she led the suicide bomber to the Sbarro's):

The Sbarro's was full of women and children waiting for pizza.  Check out these details from the Wikipedia entry:

The dead included 13 Israelis, one pregnant American, and one Brazilian, all of them civilians. Additionally, 130 were injured. Chana Nachenberg remains in a persistent vegetative state a dozen years after the attack. 
Yocheved Shoshan, age 10, was killed, and her 15-year-old sister Miriam was severely injured with 60 nails lodged in her body, a hole in her right thigh, third degree burns on 40 percent of her body, and a ruptured spleen. 
Mordechai and Tzira Schijveschuurder, both children of Holocaust survivors were killed along with three of their children. Two other daughters, Leah, 11, and Chaya, 8, were critically injured.[4] The family was Dutch. During the Holocaust, Tzira's parents were in Bergen Belsen and Theresienstadt. Mordechai's parents successfully hid from the Nazis. 
Chaviv Avrahami, who saw the scene of the attack after the bombing, recounted: "I heard a tremendous explosion, and I was thrown up a metre into the air. I knew immediately that it was a bomb attack, and a catastrophic one. There were people - babies - thrown through the window and covered with blood. The whole street was covered with blood and bodies: the dead and the dying." Naor Shara, a soldier who witnessed the attack, said, "The worst thing I saw, which I think will haunt me all my life, is a baby that was sitting in a stroller outside a shop and was dead. After the explosion, the baby's mother came out of the store and started screaming hysterically."
And Palestinian television treats this woman like a hero.

Where's a drone when you need one.

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