Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Looks like New York City is About to Go Straight to Hell

20 years of falling/low crime is about to change:

A judge's overhaul of stop-and-frisk could send Big Apple crime soaring to levels found in blighted cities like Chicago and Detroit, NYPD cops warned yesterday.

"Welcome to Chicago," said a veteran Bronx police officer, who believes cops will become overly cautious about stopping suspects and let criminals slip through their grasp.

Numerous members of New York's Finest blasted Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindlin's ruling against stop-and-frisk, which included the appointment of an outside monitor and a requirement that cops in some of the most crime-ridden precincts wear cameras to record their conduct.


"If that's what the judge wants, crime's going to go up,'' the Bronx cop said.

"It would be real difficult to go after someone that you suspect for doing a crime" with the new ruling.

He said the ruling will even discourage some officers from trying to solve reported crimes.

"It sounds like all that cops are going to do now if someone is robbed, mugged or shot is take a report, and that's it," he feared.

"He's not going to be able to look for the person who did it,'' in contrast to the police tactic of hunting for perps through stop-and-frisks, the source said.

And according to a new poll, Bill de Blasio, a liberal's liberal who wants to reverse much of what has happened over the Giuliani/Bloomberg years, is leading the race to get the Democratic nomination for Mayor. 

I think people have forgotten what NYC used to be like.  Remember David Dinkens and what a disaster he was (de Blasio actually worked on his campaign!)?  NYC was cleaned up through hard work and tough police tactics to actually stop crime.  Otherwise it would have been a sh*thole like Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore or NYC pre-1994.  

I really need to change my commute.

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