Friday, September 30, 2011

The Jobs Bill is Becoming Pure Comedy

The White House is now comically inept.  It's amazing how much of a disaster this "jobs bill" has been for Obama.  First, he demanded Congress "pass this bill" before his staff even submitted something.  Then, because nobody had submitted the bill, a Republican was able to snag the title "American Jobs Act" away from the Obama bill.  Even more embarrassing is the fact that currently neither the House nor Senate bill has a single co-sponsor and the Senate would rather go on vacation rather than pass it.  Now, Warren Buffett has backed off supporting his namesake "Buffett Rule" as he says he really didn't mean he wanted taxes raised on all millionaires.  Just the ultra-rich "who make money with money".  My guess is that his secretary, who is probably making north of $200k a year (you don't really think Buffett pays his treasured personal assistant pennies do you?) just realized Obama is looking to raise her taxes, despite the fact the point of the tax increases was to bring the tax rates closer together.  Seriously, though, did the Obama White House even clear the Buffett rule with Buffett?

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