Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Nice Debunking of the Elizabeth Warren Rant

A lot of my authoritarian progressive friends love this Elizabeth Warren rant about how rich people owe a debt to society and I guess then must bend over whenever the government wants to buy stuff (or pay off their supporters with loan guarantees).  Reason has a nice debunking of these comments (she is essentially ranting against arguments that few if any are actually making in the GOP and definitely not her opponent Scott Brown), my favorites are below (though you should definitely ready the whole thing):

(6) Warren's remarks epitomize the caricature of a progressive as someone who loves jobs but hates employers. She implies the captain of industry is simply sponging off society and hoarding the proceeds. But hiring workers is a huge social good. So is providing a funding basis for pensions, which generally rely on stock returns. So is creating products people want. Five bucks says Warren has a smartphone and a DVR and a bunch of other modern conveniences, and that she didn't buy any of them with a gun to her head. So why is she so mad at the people who offered to sell them?

(7) Warren suggests the principle of fair play means the industrialist owes society a debt, to be repaid in steep taxes because his other contributions do not count. But this argument is one of the weakest of all the arguments for political obligation, for reasons most people can figure out after a few minutes' thought. (E.g., Suppose I mow your lawn without asking, then demand payment because it's "only fair.") Why hasn't she given them any?

(8) Perhaps, like film critic Pauline Kael, who famously didn't know anyone who had voted for Nixon, Warren doesn't know anyone who believes government and taxes should be small. And, therefore, perhaps she does not understand their reasoning. She certainly doesn't give any indication that she does.

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