Thursday, September 29, 2011

See Herman Cain Battle Bill Clinton in 1994

This video has been around for a while but since I am just seeing it now, I figured I'd post it.  It is a debate between Bill Clinton and Herman Cain over healthcare in 1994, when Cain was at Godfather's Pizza. In the video, Cain makes the point that he will have to layoff workers under the Clinton plan because it will cost him all of his profitability and then some (he has a net margin of 1.5%). Clinton then makes the quip "Why wouldn't you be able to raise the price of pizza 2%". Obviously, if increasing profits were that easy, Cain would have done it already. But it's not, not in a highly competitive low margin business. Anyway, watch the video and also read Cain's follow up response.

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