Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Obama Administration In a Nutshell

Reading about the Obama administrations attempts to beg/cajole the Palestinians to not go to the UN for statehood (which would be in violation of the Oslo accords and could spark a third intifada) reminded me of this exchange a couple of years ago at the daily State Department Briefing about their attempts to get the Israelis and Palestinians to talk to each other:

MR. KELLY: We are less than a year into this Administration, and I think we've accomplished more over the last year than the previous administration did in eight years.
QUESTION: Well, I – really, because the previous administration actually had them sitting down talking to each other. You guys can't even get that far.
MR. KELLY: All right.
QUESTION: I'll drop it.
MR. KELLY: Give us a chance. Thank you, Matt.

Right out of the gate, what is probably the most arrogant administration in history, was beating its chest about how much they accomplished, when in fact they had accomplished nothing.  When the truth became clear, they begged for a chance to actually accomplish something.  Kind of sounds like the entire Obama administration in a nutshell doesn't it?

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