Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Reason Not to Vote for Romney: George H.W. Bush Just Backed Him

George H.W. Bush, the most anti-Israel Republican President (his Secretary of State James Baker had said "f*ck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway") since Eisenhower, who broke his no-new-taxes pledge and stopped the first Iraq War well short of when we should have, just backed Mitt Romney.  At least Nixon opened the door to China, but does Bush Sr. have any redeeming qualities?  His just reinforces the idea that those wishy washy country club establishment Republicans are supporting Mitt, who is clearly one of them.  No ideals?  No problem!  My favorite quote from the article is:

Romney, Bush said, is the "most electable," despite the flip-flopping label that his Republican opponents are trying, with some success, to drape around his neck.

"It was a charge that was used against me," Bush said. '"No new taxes'? Remember that? I don't think it's significant. He's got a record as governor, and people change their mind. I don't take that criticism very seriously."

Does Bush remember losing in 1992?  He lost in part because of the heat he received when he went back on his no new taxes pledge.  Romney is probably going to be a similar disaster of a one term President if he is elected.

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