Thursday, December 8, 2011

Romney Sends Sununu to Attack Newt? Is Mitt that Desperate and/or Out of Touch?

The Romney campaign seems to be floundering now and is getting kind of desperate.  Despite rumors of some great opposition research on Newt, the best they can do right now is send John Sununu to attack Newt for opposing the George H.W. Bush tax increases that were in violation of his "Read My Lips" pledge?  This is the John Sununu who had to resign as Chief of Staff after using military planes for personal and political trips (but I guess these days if Obama and his family can do it...) including a trip to a rare stamp auction at Christie's.  He was also known to be extremely anti-Israel as the only US Governor not to call for a repeal of the UN's Zionism=Racism resolution.  Finally, he was the man responsible for putting David Souter on the US Supreme Court, one of the most down-the-line liberal Justices.

Yes, this is the man that Mitt Romney chose to represent him in a desperate attack on Newt.  Someone with just about zero influence and probably even more baggage than Newt.  And the argument itself is stupid.  Attacking Newt for opposing a very unpopular tax increase that cost George H.W. Bush the Presidency?  This just proves how out of touch MItt is with Republican voters.

If this is the best Mitt can do, he is doomed.

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