Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is Obama Making Concessions to Iran at the Expense of Israel?

I'm getting the feeling that Obama is in the process of throwing Israel under the bus, again, in hopes of starting negotiations with Iran, negotiations which have zero chance of success and only buy time for Iran to build a nuke.  Why do I get that feeling?  First, Obama's budget actually cuts funding for Israeli missile defense for 2013, despite the fact that they need missile defense more than ever (if Israel attacks Iran or if Iran develops nukes, they are going to need as good a missile defense as possible).  Second, a joint US-Israeli ballistic missile defense exercise was delayed in January for the rather lame excuse that they wanted it to be "better organized".  Seeing these and other probably unannounced concessions from Obama, Iran has just canceled war games for the Strait of Hormuz.  It seems they see they have an opening to begin negotiations with Obama and therefore stall an attack and additional sanctions until they become a nuclear power. 

Let's hope Bibi does the right thing and bombs anyway, regardless of what Obama is trying to do.  I don't think they can take the chance (assuming there is a chance that Obama's gambit works, which there isn't). 

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