Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why is Obama Cutting Active Duty Soldier Benefits While Leaving Civilian Public Employee Benefits Alone?

Obama's war on our troops continues.  Seriously, he seems to have some vendetta against them.  Recently, he has agreed to put US soldiers on trial for burning paper and now is going to severely cut their benefits.  What has he done to civilian public employees?  Frozen their overly inflated pay and that's it.  If you look at government employees as a country unto itself, by targeting our active duty personnel, Obama is in effect targeting the poor in order to be able to continue to fund the rich.  In 2010, the average civilian public employee took in $83,679 in wages.  Based on the 2010 military pay tables that is the equivalent pay of a Lieutenant Colonel with over 12 years of service.  Just to let you know how high up that rank is, a Lieutenant Colonel typically commands a battalion, which can have anywhere between 300-1,200 men (in the Navy, the equivalent rank, Commander, commands a frigate, submarine or destroyer).  A Sergeant Major, the highest enlisted rank, with over 18 years experience, only makes $61,355.  It seems outrageous that parasitic bureaucrats who do nothing productive make more money than people who are physically defending our country and are also completely immune to benefit cuts!  But it is pretty clear why he is targeting soldiers instead of their higher paid civilian counterparts.  Civilian public sector employees are unionized and tend to vote Democratic, while soldiers tend to vote Republican.  How else do you explain it? 

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