Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama Abandons the UK as Argentina Aggressively Threatens the Falklands

Under the Obama administration, you seem to be better off being an enemy of the United States rather than a friend.  And the closer the friend you are, the worse he treats you.  Take Great Britain, a key ally for decades that has fought alongside us in both World Wars, the Korean War and both Gulf Wars.  Argentina is currently threatening British sovereignty of the Falklands (again) despite the fact they have been in continuous British possession for almost 180 years and it appears that only about 17 out of the 3,000 inhabitants are actually of Argentine descent (not surprising since Argentina only settled the islands for about a year before the British re-established control in 1833, so you can't even possibly argue that there is some sort of colonialist oppression going on here).  And these threats to the British are not just words:

Argentina has pretty well declared war by other means on the U.K. over the islands it claims as "Las Malvinas."

It has detained Falklands fishing boats, denied port and flight rights to ships and aircraft flying the Falklands flag, harassed Spanish vessels fishing under Falklands license, and craziest of all, declared a "squid war" to encourage Argentine fishermen to harvest River Plate squid early. Why? To ensure they don't swim east to enrich Falklands waters, of course.

More seriously, Argentine mobs, likely paid for by the government, have attacked the U.K. embassy and burned the British flag in Buenos Aires. President Cristina Fernandez convinced Brazil and Uruguay to deny Falklands-flagged ships entry, isolating the islands.

Yeah, things are pretty serious.  You would think the United States would be backing up its ally in this situation.  You would be wrong.  Check out the statement coming out of the State Department:

We believe that this is a bilateral issue that needs to be worked out directly between Argentina and the United Kingdom. That's what we are encouraging both sides to do as we head towards this anniversary... We are encouraging Argentina and the UK to work this out peacefully, to work it out through negotiations.

So Argentina threatens the UK and the UK is supposed to negotiate?  Why?  They've done nothing wrong and have every right to the Falklands.  They shouldn't have to give up an inch of their sovereignty.  You know, another way to get Argentina to stand down would be for the United States to actually stand up for its ally.  Say that any attack on British possessions would be treated as an attack on the United States itself.  Argentina would have no choice but to back down then.  Sure they'll get mad, but who cares.  I don't see Argentina backing us up on any stage anywhere.

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