Friday, February 10, 2012

Newt's Awesome CPAC Speech

Don't count him out yet. I think he received more applause than both Romney and Santorum combined:

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(h/t Conservatives with Newt)


  1. The Right Scoop (whom I love) posted this with disappointment that most of this was his standard stump speech.

    I've sensed the swing to Santorum the polls indicate, but not only the negative ad shower which is to come - but the inability to inspire and lay out a specific plan has got to impact Santorum's numbers like it did Bachmann. I see no underlying idea (like 999) or communication skills (like Newt in SC) that is different from the same guy everyone ignored for all of 2011.

    I'm curious about the applause. Are you getting that from the audio on the tape or reporting?

  2. I watched all three speeches on cspan and it was clear at least to me that Newt was wowing once he got warmed up (initially it was no better than with the other two). It was the stump speech but it was really nice that he focused on policy and attacked obama and not romney. I think he is getting back on track.

    On Santorum, did you notice how it was nearly a carbon copy of a Newt speech, just without the good delivery? He is clearly trying to position himself as Newt without the temper and baggage. It could work if Romney and the media continue to pretty much hold their fire.