Thursday, October 11, 2012

CBS Reporter Lara Logan's Very Informative "the Obama Administration is Lying to You" Speech

I finally got around to seeing CBS reporter Lara Logan's speech at the BGA and it's even more impressive than billed.  She has spent a lot of time in Afghanistan, sometimes a year at a time on the ground and she really gives you an unfiltered look into what really is going on.  She mentions that the Obama administration narrative that the Taliban has moderated and its ready to negotiate is "such nonsense!"  She mentions that that kind of thinking was bought and paid for by Pakistani lobbying and its also the Pakistani government who is responsible for many of the fresh graves in Arlington National Cemetery.  She also mentions that former the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, told her that while people are talking about how we won the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, they haven't even begun to fight.  Please watch the whole thing:

BGA 2012 Annual Luncheon: Lara Logan from Better Government Association on Vimeo.

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